What to expect from TEDxITU’17?


Introducing a unique university style TEDx event that will allow you to broaden your horizons
and explore a new dimension. TEDxITU’17 introduces a new and integrated form of the TED
conference. We are sure you are wondering what all the buzz is about so here are some of the
exciting things you should expect to explore and experience as an attendee of the phenomenal
conference, TEDxITU’17:
Firstly, expect an experience of a lifetime! Our attendee pool allows you to be surrounded by
brilliant individuals, innovative thinkers, creative minds and phenomenal personalities. Interact,
connect and socialize your way into a diversified dimension of ideas.
Our Networking Breaks allow you to experience the thrill of connectivity, unity and oneness as
we create a space of integrated thoughts that bring people from different disciples together.
TEDxITU’17 introduces you to what we call differentiated togetherness.
Expect to be amazed as TEDxITU’17 connects you with speakers and attendees that will create
an aura of colliding ideas and incredible stories.
Expect to be inspired! Be inspired by our speakers, by our attendees, by their ideas and their
Expect to speak your mind! TEDxITU’17 isn’t just a series of presentations rather it allows you
to contribute and share your philosophies, principles and experiences.
Food with Friends, what’s better than that? Savor a delicious meal as you build new friendships
with likeminded (and not so likeminded) individuals.
Expect to explore beyond your boundaries. Afraad kay haathon mein hay strives on the very
notion of unity, oneness, connectivity, diversity and individualized passions creating
individualized thoughts creating integrated communities.
Expect to experience a plethora of emotions as we take you on a life changing, mind-blowing
ride that will leave you wanting more! A ride that will excite your senses as we share stories that
will push you to the edge of your seat.
In short expect the unexpected and much more!